Wednesday, May 11, 2016

3D Printing and N-Scale Modeling

If you are reading this I am hoping that you got here from Facebook, that you live in the UK, that you are building an N-Scale model railroad layout, and finally that you have an interest in 3D Printing but may not own your own printer.

My primary interest is in 3D Printing and while I do not have an N-Scale railroad layout, I am very interested in the intersection of the 3D Printing world and that of model building.

Up until now I have been working in the 1:100 scale doing scenery for the table top game Flames of War.  My most recent significant design was for a Dutch Windmill that is shown here.  This model was designed for 1:100 scale but the copy shown was actually printed in 1:160 scale.

I have also done a scale replica of the famous Bailey Bridge of World War II which can be printed in 1:160 scale (though this is quite challenging due to the detail)!

So, what am I looking for?  I would like to offer my design assistance, and my printers, to someone who is doing a layout and can give me some ideas for a model or two to design.  I will design the model, print a copy, and get it to you for review.   If needed I will print another copy (or replacement parts) as needed.  All I ask in return is that you provide me with pictures of my prints as you build them into your layout.   Any designs that I do based on your idea will be placed in the public domain on Thingiverse with the other models that I have created.  It should be noted that I do occasionally sell copies of my prints but that when I do at least half of the proceeds, if not all, are donated to charity.

I have two Ultimaker 2+ printers that are shown to the right.  They are particularly suited to printing small scale models as they can be fitted with small nozzles to enable the printing of small details.  I have both 150 and 250 micron nozzles for these printers.  The standard is 400-500 microns.  I am a retired guy with a good budget for my toys and I get a lot of fun out of designing and printing 3D models.  I am looking for inspiration and for someone that can put some of my work to good use.

In the best case the ideas that I am hoping to be inspired by would be for things that are not available in the general market but that would be in demand if it were.  If I get a bunch of ideas I will pick the ones that are the most interest to me to start on first.  Please use the comment form below to communicate your ideas with me!

Please note that my design skills do not extend to people or animals (or anything with so many curves) but are better focused on architectural items!